This is dedicated to the 88th birthday of Forough Farrokhzad
She was a controversial modernist poet and an iconoclast, feminist author. She died at the age of 32 due to a car accident. Her legacy lives on to this day.
‏“I will plant my hands in the garden
‏I will grow I know I know I know
‏and swallows will lay eggs
‏in the hollow of my ink-stained hands.”
دستهایم را در باغچه میکارم
‏‎سبز خواهم شد، میدانم، میدانم، میدانم
‏‎و پرستوها در گودی انگشتان جوهریم
‏‎تخم خواهند گذاشت
Historical Memory No. 7 - زندگی/life

Historical Memory No. 6 زن/woman/women

Historical Memory No. 5 آزادی/liberty

Historical Memory No. 4, 2022
"What a bravery was buried in this land” (street graffiti - Iran revolution, 2022) 100 days passed. #IranRevolution2022 
 ‪“‬چه شجاعتی در این سرزمین پنهان بود‪”‬ (دیوارنوشته‌ی انقلاب ۱۴۰۱)
ما دگر از حصار ترس رد شدیم

عاقبت راه کوچه را بلد شدیم
موی تو بوسه زد به روی بادها
زنده شد شهر مرگ و مرده‌بادها
ترانه‌سرا: ناشناس
آهنگساز: ادیب قربانی
اجرا: #جمعی_از_دانشجویان_موسیقی
Historical Memory No. 3, 2022
Light will win over darkness.
This is to celebrate the Winter Solstice. The 3000 year old tradition of Yaldā was recognized as a UNESCO intangible heritage in 2022, with Iran and Afghanistan as the official representatives. “Yaldā/Chella refers to a traditional celebration of the sun and the warmth of life. Practiced in Iran and Afghanistan, the event takes place on the last night of autumn.” #WomenLifeFreedom #IranRevolution2022
نور بر تاریکی پیروز است. این در ستایش انقلاب زمستانی و شب یلداست #انقلاب۱۴۰۱ ‬#زن_زندگی_آزادی ‪
Historical Memory No. 2, 2022
This is dedicated to the loving people of Iran.
These days, handing out chocolate on the streets of Iran for women, life, and freedom can be punishable...
There is an ongoing trend among the brave people who are resisting gender apartheid in Iran: whenever you see a woman disobeying the mandatory hijab law, you would hand her chocolate, give her a hug or a handwritten note that reads “thank you for making our city beautiful.”
Those who engage in such loving acts are in danger of being a
rrested, as well as other consequences.
Historical Memory No.1, 2022
Those stars who are being executed in the dark…
Although they fall on the ground
They will rise up again at the dawn…
ستاره‌ها، اعدامیان ظلمت
به خاک اگرچه می‌ریزند
سحر دوباره برمی‌خیزند

-ایرج جنتی عطایی
Clay Animation, PhotoShut Studio, Iran, 2011
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