This thesis explores the intersections between wisdom, happiness, and aesthetics through intergenerational experiences of older adults and younger individuals. Parallel to this, I have researched the virtues of Slow Cooking, Slow Design, and the Slow Movement to address wellness needs throughout our world. The original solutions explored for balancing these values focused on mindful activities. Case studies of relationships within families in comparison with alternative communities, such as Eco-villages, have guided my research and revealed meaningful efforts that engage individuals with shared environmental and moral values. The final idea that I envisioned is, in essence, a form of sensory experience design for people of different ages to benefit from values of sustainability, mindfulness, and slowness by sharing time with both tangible and intangible resources. The final design of this project is a table to be located in a third place that serves to gather people together to knit and learn from each other. This idea is intended to encourage people to slow down and experience knitting as a manifestation of both the mindfulness movement and sustainability.
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